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We’re fortunate to work with some of the best political clients in Vermont and look forward to expanding outside the state soon. We prioritize working with women, LGBTQ+ identified people, folx of color and other marginalized people because these type of candidates face many institutional and cultural barriers to becoming candidates, running strong campaigns and winning elected office. 

We offer a range of services to advise, coach and support potential candidates looking to run for elected office. Let's begin with an initial conversation and see how we can tailor our services to support your interest in electoral politics. Contact us today.

"When it comes to political strategizing, EMStrategies is the best in Vermont. My campaign hired EMStrategies, and right from the gate we were given concrete, insightful thoughts on how to take a campaign with no name recognition, to almost winning as a liberal candidate in a highly conservative area.  EMStrategies knows how to germinate a seed of an idea, and turn it into a full grown, fully realized dream. If you've ever thought about running for office, I highly recommend giving EMStrategies a call. "
-Kienan Christianson, Candidate for Burlington City Council 



EMStrategies offered general campaign coaching for first time candidate Zoraya Hightower in her successful campaign in a three-way race.



We advised this first time candidate in every aspect of her campaign ranging from intentional campaign leadership team building to debate coaching to get-out-the-vote support. She won her race unseating a two-term incumbent.

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EMStrategies offered mentoring and coaching to assist first time candidate Perri Freeman in unseating a 19 year incumbent in a three-way race. We helped to develop her platform, voter outreach program, messaging and debate preparation and campaign infrastructure.



Serving in a senior advisor capacity, EMStrategies assisted Kienan Christianson prepare, launch and run his campaign for city council in the Burlington North District in a three-way race.

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We approached this client to assist her as a first-time candidate build a viable campaign to run the first competitive race in the history of the Chittenden 8-1 district. EMStrategies proudly advised the Vyhovsky campaign on all aspects of the campaign, including data management, debate preparation, and voter outreach. Vyhovsky came within a couple hundred votes of unseating a 17 year incumbent.

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EMStrategies offered this client get-out-the-vote and networking strategy to expand the campaign's capacity in the final weeks of the election. Cordes, a two-time candidate, won one of two seats in a 4-way race by just 59 votes.

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Carina challenged the two-term incumbent in Burlington, VT in a three-way race for mayor. EMStrategies offered a customized field strategy, coached campaign staff and led the get-out-the-vote phase of the campaign. The campaign bested every challenger to date against the current incumbent in terms of vote totals and engaged new voters.



Word on the Street

"Getting to work closely with Emma of EMStrategies was the highlight of my time working on a statewide political campaign. She led us through a senior staff transition process, strengthened our field and campaign operations and bolstered our team strategy. She also mentored less experienced campaign staff with a steady-hand and positive attitude."

Kate Lapp, Statewide Campaign Manager

"EMStategies inspires candidates and their teams on what is possible, but also practical in a campaign. They help you build a smart strategy informed from years of political campaign experience. If you want to succeed, EMStrategies will help you get there. I should know. I won a four-way race!"

State Representative Mari Cordes

"EMStrategies passion for getting progressive women elected shines through in their work. Any time a problem popped up, EMStrategies had a solution ready to go and handled it all with grace and humor. I've rarely thought of campaigning as fun, but EMStrategies changed my mind. I looked forward to every meeting we had and would work with them again in a heartbeat."

Laura Hale, House Campaign Manager

When I asked EMStrategies to support my run for office I knew they offered an immense amount of experience and know-how. EMStrategies offered patient guidance that supported my growth as a candidate and person. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs a stalwart ally in an uphill race. I cannot speak highly enough of their capacity to ensure everything is running smoothly while also making space to ensure personalized growth and introspection.

Tanya Vyhovsky, Candidate for State Representative

"We recruited EMStrategies to the campaign team for their organizing experience and field strategy expertise. EMStrategies assessed our campaign plan and adapted it based on evolving dynamics of the race. With EMStrategies' advice, we significantly expanded our voter contact rates and increased our volunteer capacity. EMStrategies offers adept field strategy expertise that helped us achieve momentum at the grassroots."

Carina Driscoll, Candidate

"As a first time campaign manager, I needed support assessing our capacity, troubleshooting and building strategies that worked on our timeline. EMStrategies' warm coaching style bolstered my confidence and resolve while helping us build the most vibrant and competitive mayoral campaign Burlington has seen in many years."

Elise Greaves, Campaign Manager

"Like, WOW, EMStrategies clearly knows everything and is willing to share! Would-be woman-candidates, put your seatbelts on and prepare to be intimidated and reassured in one go!"

Kate Whelley McCabe, Potential Candidate

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